KIKO MILANO makeup review


First time I heard of this brand was on Youtube and was curious to try. Recently, came across KIKO store and was blown away by how their products are laid out, each counter dedicated to different products like one counter for lipsticks, another one for eyeshadows and so on. The color range of KIKO MILANO products will blow you away. In my opinion, their products give the high street brands a run for their money. Here are few products I picked:

Long lasting stick 8 hour no transfer eyeshadow in #36 and #31- nice staying power and smooth application

Crystal sheer lipstick in #418 – it’s a light pink color and very moisturizing 

Double glam eyeliner in dark purple and cream shade – smudge free and easy to apply 

Nail lacquer in blue – last longer and opaque.

Pencil lip gloss – dark reddish tone with very fine glitter.


Nails Inc Varnishes Review

I own few of these Nail Inc shades, which at first didn’t came out as wow!! to me. I was pleasantly surprised when the color on the nails came out much nicer then it looked in the bottle. The formula is amazing with lovely lacquered sheen and the consistency of polish is opaque with self leveling effect so it gives the impression that I got my nails done at the salon. Here are few shades I own:
* Grosvenor Crescent
* Bruton Mews
* Alexa Cashmere
* Regents Park

Bling! Bling!

Jewelry is such a beautiful way to show your care and a great gift to give on christmas or on any special occassion. Jewelry is a way to express ones personality and defines who we are. You can buy personalized jewelry from Pandora and share some unforgettable moments with your loved one or shop for bold statement pieces from sites like shopbop and baublebar. I am a huge fan of cocktail rings, bold statement pieces and delicate necklaces, which reflects my personality.

Here are few pieces from my own fashion jewelry label. Enjoy !!

What kind of jewelry you like to wear?

Fashion jewelry InstaSize_2014_11 _ 163398InstaSize_2014_11 _ 163420

Glow Glow more Glow

We all love that J-Lo bronzed glowy skin and oh!! what not I did to get that glow. Some days I looked like a burnt toast, tried all expensive illuminators/bronzers and became a YouTube beauty channel stalker :). Then one day I stumbled across these three beautiful products ( shown below). The texture of these powders is soft, creamy and easily blendable. They have great staying power and looks gorgeous on warm skin tones.

image Bobby Brown illuminating bronzing powder in Bali Brown 5 image image From left to right Becca shimmering skin perfecting in Opal; Bobby Brown bronze glow highlight powder; Becca shimmering skin perfecting in Rose Gold

Feel SPECIAL everyday


” The difference between you and everyone else, is everyone else. And that’s a lot, so you should feel special. ”
Jarod Kintz, This book is not for sale 

In this gloomy, cold morning, sipping coffee at Starbucks a thought came to my mind, why do we need others to make us feel special about ourselves ? Isn’t this about ME? So where does others fit into this equation?

I am guilty of falling into this trap of *needing* affirmation from others that ME matters. Constantly pleasing and helping others by going an extra mile. Don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe in giving and helping, without attaching any expectations, but learning to draw a line is the key to ensure that we are not devaluing ourselves in the process. As I matured, I stopped looking at other people faces, actions or reactions that if they are pleased with my efforts, will they like me or appreciate me. All these feelings are connected to insecurity, low self esteem, lack of confidence (which I will cover in my other posts), past experiences and trying to fit in or belong. We human are very complex and some days I feel that I have overpowered this monster but I will be lying.

I learned with time that there is no one like me because no one thinks like me or possess same unique qualities, flaws, skills and passion like me so why bother with what others think. GOD created me as an unique individual, so I am SPECIAL. So start thinking that there is no one like you and YOU ARE SPECIAL.


A touch of edginess

Accessories are one way to give an unexpected twist to any outfit or to your personality. You can go little crazy with accessories like a statement rings, bracelets, earrings and more. My style is elegant with a tinge of edginess and this month picks are little on funky side.

How to rock an edgy accessories trend:

  • When wearing this trend try to stick to one edgy piece and pair it with delicate pieces and more feminine colors like muted pink or beige.
  • Make sure your outfit doesn’t compete with your edgy jewelry/bag. Create a contrast with rocker chic jewelry by pairing with more softer feminine pieces like a spike necklace with a floral dress.

pink messanger bag with chains, zara bagzara bag, messanger bag with chains

knuckle ring, skull ring, rocker chic ring

rocker chic ring, knuckle ring, skull ring