2015 is here



Faith vs Fear

How do you start your day, with fear or faith? I have noticed a pattern that when I sleep with worry or negativity in mind, I wake up next day with the same anxious thoughts, no wonder it’s recommended to start and end a day with positive thoughts, but sometimes it’s hard to shake that worry, which has been bothering for days. I am also guilty of feeding negative thoughts with more negativity, the result is fear and anxiety for no apparent reason.

For years I have been reading books and tried new stuff to overcome my anxiety but realized with time, that a simple shift within was all that’s needed. Books are great way to inspire and it surely helps to give perespective and motivation, but it’s onesĀ  effort that will make it happen. In this journey of life I met some wonderful people who always seemed happy and full of zest for life, and it got me thinking, do they have a perfect life ? No, they choose to be happy and enjoy this wonderful journey – LIFE. So, shift your thoughts from fear of everything wrong in your life to faith instead, and you will see nothing short of miracle.

Always be full of gratitude for the life given to us by almighty. This is a way to condition ones mind that faith in God will overpower all the obstacles and It’s waste to drown oneself in worries, self pity and negativity. Promise yourself today that no matter whatever obstacles thrown your way, you will keep SMILING, BELIEVING and let’s start New Year with all positivity and joy. Happy New Year šŸ™‚

Feel SPECIAL everyday


” The difference between you and everyone else, is everyone else. And that’s a lot, so you should feel special. ”
Jarod Kintz, This book is not for saleĀ 

In this gloomy, cold morning, sipping coffee at Starbucks a thought came to my mind, why do we need others to make us feel special about ourselves ? Isn’t this about ME? So where does others fit into this equation?

I am guilty of falling into this trap of *needing* affirmation from others that ME matters. Constantly pleasing and helping others by going an extra mile. Don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe in giving and helping, without attaching any expectations, but learning to draw a line is the key to ensure that we are not devaluing ourselves in the process. As I matured, I stopped looking at other people faces, actions or reactions that if they are pleased with my efforts, will they like me or appreciate me. All these feelings are connected to insecurity, low self esteem, lack of confidence (which I will cover in my other posts), past experiences and trying to fit in or belong. We human are very complex and some days I feel that I have overpowered this monster but I will be lying.

I learned with time that there is no one like me because no one thinks like me or possess same unique qualities, flaws, skills and passion like me so why bother with what others think. GOD created me as an unique individual, so I am SPECIAL. So start thinking that there is no one like you and YOU ARE SPECIAL.