Pantone Color of the year

Hello!! Ladies, 2015 is here, which means – new fashion trends, new makeup, innovation and lots of exciting stuff to look forward to. Recently, Pantone announced color of the year 2015: Marsala. I was intrigued so checked the nearby Sephora, and  ladies if you are a fan of copper brick tone, then you gonna love this color. It’s a earthy red caramel  tone and it resembles the Marsala wine. So to show you all I picked up Pantone color of the year multi finish eyeshadow palette. It has matte, shimmer, pearl and glitter finish eyeshadows and one can create endless combinations. It’s a very earthy tone palette with reds, browns, few greens, a silver and a blue shade. Overall good quality and most of them blends well except glittery ones, which can be slightly flakey.  I love caramel, copper, brick, burgundy and brown shades, so for me 2015 color trend is a winner. Here is to color of the year



Are you a fan of this color?


2 thoughts on “Pantone Color of the year

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