KIKO MILANO makeup review


First time I heard of this brand was on Youtube and was curious to try. Recently, came across KIKO store and was blown away by how their products are laid out, each counter dedicated to different products like one counter for lipsticks, another one for eyeshadows and so on. The color range of KIKO MILANO products will blow you away. In my opinion, their products give the high street brands a run for their money. Here are few products I picked:

Long lasting stick 8 hour no transfer eyeshadow in #36 and #31- nice staying power and smooth application

Crystal sheer lipstick in #418 – it’s a light pink color and very moisturizing 

Double glam eyeliner in dark purple and cream shade – smudge free and easy to apply 

Nail lacquer in blue – last longer and opaque.

Pencil lip gloss – dark reddish tone with very fine glitter.


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