A touch of edginess

Accessories are one way to give an unexpected twist to any outfit or to your personality. You can go little crazy with accessories like a statement rings, bracelets, earrings and more. My style is elegant with a tinge of edginess and this month picks are little on funky side.

How to rock an edgy accessories trend:

  • When wearing this trend try to stick to one edgy piece and pair it with delicate pieces and more feminine colors like muted pink or beige.
  • Make sure your outfit doesn’t compete with your edgy jewelry/bag. Create a contrast with rocker chic jewelry by pairing with more softer feminine pieces like a spike necklace with a floral dress.

pink messanger bag with chains, zara bagzara bag, messanger bag with chains

knuckle ring, skull ring, rocker chic ring

rocker chic ring, knuckle ring, skull ring


2 thoughts on “A touch of edginess

  1. Wow wow wow ! What quirky way to wear a statement piece.!
    Beautiful nail art. It looks smashing ! And as far as I can guess its your hand madamosile ! :))


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