Interview with Sophia Reiss

This week I had a chance to sit with a young and upcoming wardrobe stylist, Sophia Reiss. I have known her for some time and she is a very energetic, fun to be around and passionate individual. She has this confidence and ease in her styling and the way she works with the models.

51380e3af124bTell me about yourself and what is this career exactly?

I am a professional wardrobe stylist and since childhood had a knack for dressing up, it’s something that is a natural extension of me. I teach people how to dress themselves and more importantly feel confident in their own skin.

There must be a basic style you work with, something that’s uniquely you. How would you describe this style?

I really enjoy mixing high fashion with street style. Its not about the price tag on the garment, its about how you can wear it and make it yours.

522a9081abb13What do you think are the most important skills in succeeding as a fashion stylist?

A great wardrobe stylist must know who they are and what they bring to table as a creative person. When interacting with clients and other creative people a stylist should have great interpersonal skills. For me, I really enjoy when my clients have a long lasting experience with me rather than me just dressing them one time.


As a fashion wardrobe stylist, any tips to enter this industry for the starters?

For those starting out, stay humble and take advantage of any internship you can. The more internships the more knowledge, and the more power you have over your craft. Don’t be afraid to fail, failure is a part of the success cycle. Be patient but persistent, it’s hard, tough and demanding so you have to be passionate to do it and be successful.

Check her portfolio on


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